A Classic Passover Dinner: Recipes & Meals to Order

Go all-in on your Seder table with favorite recipes, plus easy meals you can order ahead for in-store pickup.

passover spread with roasted chicken, matzo ball soup, latkes, and more

Raise a glass and break out the matzo for our Passover-inspired dinner. And whether you’ve decided to cook the entire feast or want to outsource a few dishes, our memorable menu has elegant recipes and ready-to-heat options for everyone. Find all the inspiration you need here to plan a Passover menu that guests will love.

Order your Passover meal by 4/21 and schedule time for pickup in-store.

Passover Recipes to Make at Home

To help you plan a special Seder gathering, we’ve created a menu that offers familiar favorites plus delicious twists.

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Passover Meals & Dishes to Order Ahead

No time to make Matzo Ball Soup from scratch? Put full-bodied flavor on your Passover table with our complete meals and à la carte entrees, side dishes, soups, desserts and more.

Check out our complete Passover menu opens in a new tab for more reserve-ahead meals, entrées, side dishes and more to round out your feast.

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