The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Spread

We’ve gathered favorite Irish-themed recipes and authentic ingredients in our aisles, plus serving tips from expert team members.

corned beef and cabbage on plate

This year, kick St. Patrick’s Day up a notch with our heartiest recipes and special Irish products in our aisles. To help you pull it off, we’ve created an Irish-inspired menu, plus gathered serving tips from expert team members across our Cheese, Bakery, Beer and Spirit departments.

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How to Enjoy: Mary Beth Vultee from our Food, Innovation and Trends team enjoys Dubliner straight from the package with Irish soda bread and a smear of marmalade to bring out its nutty notes. Don’t forget a glass of Guinness beer, of course.**

How to Enjoy: Slather a slice with rich and creamy Kerrygold butter or top with sliced Dubliner cheese for a savory, satisfying snack. Prepared Foods and Bakery VP Rashne Desai suggests keeping the toppings simple to let the bread’s flavor and texture shine.

Buying Tip: Corned beef, which is made from brisket that has been pickled in brine, is available in our Meat department for a limited time only.

How to Enjoy: Alongside or mixed together with corned beef and cabbage. If boiling your potatoes, try gently smashing them with a fork on your plate. For mashed potatoes, take them to the next level with chopped fresh parsley and grated Dubliner cheese.

How to Enjoy: The secret to the perfect Guinness? Nailing the pour. Here’s how Global Beer and Spirits Buyer Mary Guiver does it: Pour the beer into a tulip glass held at a 45-degree angle. (Be sure to watch for the famed cascading nitrogen bubbles!) Pour until the glass is three-fourths full, then let rest before topping off with the remaining beer.

How to enjoy: Mary Guiver likes to sip Irish whiskies on their own to appreciate their flavor notes — serve them neat or on the rocks with a couple of ice cubes. If you want to have some fun, try an Irish-inspired cocktail such as a classic Irish Coffee (which never goes out of style).**

Looking for more menu inspiration? Check out our St. Patrick’s Day recipe collection for classic meals, green-themed dishes and creative twists.

**Must be 21+ to purchase. Please drink responsibly.

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