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Mouthwatering Meat-free Grilling!

One of my favorite summer suppers is a savory black bean burger prepared on the grill, topped with a slice of avocado and some fresh salsa. It pairs so perfectly with an ice-cold Mexican beer and grilled corn on the cob. And, it’s my go-to meal when I’m having vegans or vegetarians over for a barbeque. Since the Fourth of July is usually a meat-fest of a holiday, I thought I’d share some seriously mouthwatering meatless options and grilling tips to help spark creativity.
Tips for grilling meat substitutes:
  • When grilling tofu, use firm or extra-firm and press it prior to cooking to remove as much of the moisture as possible. Watch this simple step-by-step video to learn to grill tofu.
  • Meat substitutes tend to stick to the grill, so be sure to use a light brushing of canola oil to help prevent sticking. The use of a non-stick grate or foil packets lightly coated with oil can also be helpful.
  • Grill meat substitutes over a preheated grill (not too hot!) for 5-7 minutes per side. Place directly over moderately hot coals or use the indirect heat method. Rotate or move to a cooler part of the grill during cooking as necessary to ensure that the outside isn't cooking too quickly.
  • If you like to marinate your tofu or tempeh, try leaving it in the fridge in the marinade overnight. For quicker turnaround time, 30 minutes will get the job done.
  • Burger and hot dog alternatives grill up fairly quickly over indirect heat. Follow instructions on the packaging as ingredients and cooking times may vary.
Here are a few of our favorite recipes for meat-free grilling:

Spicy Grilled Tempeh Grilled Teriyaki Tofu Lentil Walnut Burgers Homemade Black Bean Burgers Red Lentil Burgers Portobello Burgers For more tips, check out our Guide to Grilling. What are some of your favorite tips (or recipes) for going meatless on the grill?

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Amanda says …

I love grilled portobellos, they're SO good. Although, I'm not a vegetarian so I prefer them in addition to regular old fajitas!

Mike says …

Great recipes and groceries. I can't get to a Whole Foods Market as often as I like. This is due to the closest store is about a 2 hour drive away from Harrisburg, Ps.

JanetT says …

No need for dead animals when you've got yummo goodies like this to grill.

Tyffany says …

I love portobellos. I attended a vegetarian class @ the Whole Foods in Clarendon with Jason and Amanda and the mushrooms were so good. I can't wait to caramelize the portobellos soon.

Myroon Halpern says …

Love your veggie recepies. Since i am a raw foodist, I am able to dehydrate, many of the ingredients instead of cooking them.

jagzt says …

We have pretty much given up on grilling - tks for meatless grill ideas!