Private Label Brands: Ingredients FAQ

What are natural flavors or spices? Why do you not list these on the label?

Many of our Private Label products contain natural flavors or spices. The identity of these flavors and spices is proprietary to protect the recipe and formula.

What if I am allergic to something in the natural flavors or spices?

When any of the regulated allergens (milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, or soy) are included in the natural flavors or spices, it is labeled according to The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act.

What kind of salt do you use in your Private Label products?

Our products contain a variety of different kinds of salt. We label the ingredient statement accordingly if sea salt is used instead of conventional salt.

How are your nutritional facts calculated?

The Nutritional Facts on our labels come from a variety of sources depending on the type of product. Some nutritional information is derived with product development software that uses the product's recipe to determine nutritional labeling. Other nutrition information is validated by submitting samples of the product for nutritional testing to a third-party lab. Figures may vary due to natural variations in food products and the rounding regulations associated with each nutrient. Nutritional figures are rounded according to the Food and Drug Administration Guidelines.

Our Private Label registered dietitian reviews each nutrition label for accuracy and completeness before the label is printed. All attempts are made to review nutrition labels on a regular basis to ensure accuracy and FDA compliance.

What is required for a Private Label product to be labeled as vegetarian? What about your vegan products?

365 Everyday Value and Whole Foods Market brand products labeled as vegetarian do not contain any ingredients derived from the flesh of meat, fish or fowl or ingredients derived from animal slaughter. Animal by-products that are not derived from animal slaughter, such as honey, milk, eggs, etc., are considered acceptable for our vegetarian products.

Our Private Label products labeled as vegan only include plant-based foods and exclude all ingredients from animal or insect sources. Any animal or insect derived by-products, such as carmine, gelatin, rennet, beeswax, etc., are not allowed in our vegan products.

What is meant by “fragrance (natural)” in the ingredients list on 365 Everyday Value® or Whole Foods Market™ brand personal care products?

There is no governmentally regulated definition for “natural” when it comes to personal care products. Therefore, for fragrance in our own branded personal care products, we are using the definition and standard for “natural raw materials” from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an international non-governmental standard-setting organization.

According to ISO 9235, a “natural raw material” is "of vegetal, animal or microbiological origin, as such, obtained by physical, enzymatic or microbiological processes, or obtained by traditional preparation processes (e.g. extraction, distillation, heating, torrefaction, fermentation).”