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Amazing Avocados

When I was a child in Southern California, we had an avocado tree in our back yard. My mother would cut them up and put them into salads and eat them on sandwiches. At the neighborhood Mexican restaurants, I ate them as guacamole. I loved every bite, but didn’t realize just how amazingly versatile avocadoes could be. Just recently, I made a wonderful Chocolate Pudding with avocadoes. Times change!

Avocados are fruits and they pair well with other fruits such as citrus and tropical fruits. Here are some super flavorful fruit salad recipes:

Avocados are outta-this-world delicious when added to chicken, shrimp or tuna salad, as well as a slew of greens, grains and protein salads. Here are some of my favorites:

But remember: Avocados aren’t just for salads!

Avocados are best eaten raw, although you can stir them into cooked foods just before serving – like topping a chili or tortilla soup. I like to buy avocados that are under-ripe or just barely ripe. If they are over-ripe, soft and mushy, they may be bruised on the inside. A perfectly ripe avocado will give a little when pressed. Store unripe avocados at room temperature for a few days; if not using right away once ripe, transfer to the refrigerator.

Do you have a favorite avocado recipe? I’d love to know.