Fresh Flowers

Our floral department is filled with gorgeous bouquets and colorful blooms of all varieties that are so eye-catching that you may not have noticed the Whole Trade® Guarantee stickers on many of these bouquets. The Whole Trade Guarantee is our commitment to ethical trade -- fair wages and improved working conditions, sound environmental practices and the highest quality product. 

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Floral bouquets and romance (or Mother's Day, anniversaries, apologies — you get the idea) are inseparable. Flowers express nature's beauty like few other things can, so offering them to your lover, spouse or parent is a timeless gesture of affection. But don't forget treating yourself! A single stem on a desk or a vase full on the mantel adds depth, color and warmth to your surroundings.

As part of our commitment to you, we offer floral bouquets of everyday favorites like roses, lilies, orchids and hydrangea as well as seasonal stars such as tulips, peonies and sunflowers.

Our flowers are sourced locally, throughout the United States and from around the world. Our buying team continually seeks out new opportunities for earth-friendly floral selections, including:

  • Veriflora Certified Flowers — Veriflora is a certification label applied to fresh cut flowers and potted plants grown in the U.S. or abroad that meet draft national standards for sustainability. The Veriflora label ensures equitable hiring and employment practices, safe workplace and housing conditions, access to health care, education, transportation, and the prevention of child labor.

  • Whole Trade Flowers — Our Whole Trade Guarantee provides for products – including flowers – that are sourced according to strict criteria for ethical trade, environmental responsibility and high quality. We offer a beautiful selection of Whole Trade flowers at competitive prices, making it easy to choose and give flowers that improve lives with every purchase. 

  • Certified organic flowers — these are in very limited supply. Like all organic flowers, the ones we carry are grown according to practices that replenish and maintain soil fertility; prohibit the use of toxic persistent pesticides; restore, maintain, and enhance ecological harmony and build and support biologically diverse agriculture.

We believe that the natural beauty of fresh flowers and plants is a gift for everyone to enjoy.