July 2018

Cheese Nights
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM @ Specialty Department
Cheese Nights
Sunday, July 1st
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Specialty Department, Check with Your Local Store

Join us the second Tuesday of every month for a deep dive into the delicious world of cheese.  Our Cheese Nights are a one of a kind opportunity to learn directly from our Certifed Cheese Professionals, and tasty learning experience at that!


Here is the full schedule for 2018 - please note that some dates do vary from the second Tuesday of the month, and store activations vary per store.  Call or stop by your local store for details.  


January 9th: Blues

February 6th: Cheeses of France

March 6th: Cheeses of British Isles

April 10th: Cheeses of Spain

May 8th: Fresh Cheeses

June 12th: Cheeses of Italy

July 10th: Pasta Filata

August 7th: American Artisanals

September 4th: Washed Rinds

October 9th: Alpine Cheeses

November 6th: Brie

December 4th: Holiday Entertaining