Explore the Tropics

Welcome spring with the taste & vibrancy of the tropics! Discover our most popular, best tasting, seasonal produce, then take a trip through our aisles for exotic snacks galore. Explore the tropics at Whole Foods Market stores.

Mangoes 101: Prep Tips, Recipes and More

Sweet, juicy mangoes are in season! New to mangoes? Check out this guide for tips on how to buy, cut and enjoy these tropical treats.

Your Guide to Dekopon Citrus: Buying, Recipes & More

Say hello to your new citrus obsession. Dekopon citrus is super sweet, easy to peel and only available for a limited time each year.

Explore the Tropics through our aisles.

Back for a Limited Time: Tasty Tropical Treats from the Bakery

Mango is having a moment. Mango Yuzu Chantilly Cake and Mango Strudel Braid are back in our Bakery department for a limited time only. Grab them while you can.

Go tropical for less with 365 by Whole Foods Market.

10 Tropical Fruits You Need to Try ASAP

Surprise your taste buds with unique tastes and textures that are oh so sweet and available in our stores for a limited time only.

Staycation: Mango Recipes