Cold Weather Meal Plan: 9 Recipes To Eat Well This Winter

Lean into winter and whip up some comforting meals to warm your soul.

On chilly days, we need a little extra comfort. Maybe it's breakfast tacos in the morning or grilled cheese and greens for lunch? Perhaps dinner calls for a soul-soothing soup? If you’re looking for a little inspiration, you've come to the right place. Create comforting, nourishing cold-weather meals with ease.


A good breakfast is hard to beat. Pour yourself a cup of ambition and make a first meal that's bound to get your day cooking.


A solid lunch is key. Here are some ideas for a midday meal to rev you back up for the second half of your day.


End your day with the dinner you deserve. Go for the gold with scallops or keep it simple with minestrone soup.

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