365 by Whole Foods Market: Going Above and Beyond

Learn how our in-house brand supports thoughtful sourcing, worker and animal welfare, and supply chain transparency.

365 by Whole Foods Market, 3000+ products carefully sourced

To make shopping for high-quality products easy for our customers, we created our rigorous Quality Standards, a set of rules that help determine the products we will and will not sell in our stores, from meat to seafood to body care and more. Our 365 by Whole Foods Market brand offers more than 3,000 affordably priced and thoughtfully sourced products that not only meet our already strict standards, but also in many cases go above and beyond what we require of other brands.

365 Brand: Going the Extra Mile

We offer 365 by Whole Foods Market products that go the extra mile when it comes to sourcing, worker and animal welfare and supply chain transparency. Learn about some of our products that we’re proud to showcase in our aisles.

We are also members of Conservation International’s Sustainable Coffee Challenge opens in a new tab, which is working to make coffee the world’s first fully sustainable agricultural product.

Also, all 365 by Whole Foods Market tea is certified by Fair Trade USA or Rainforest Alliance.

Not satisfied with simply requiring cage-free eggs, we created our Animal Welfare Standards for Laying Hens to include these requirements:

  • Hens have room to roam and scratch about

  • No antibiotics given to hens

  • No land-animal by-products in hen feed

  • Nests and perches for hens to roost at night

  • Hens provided with foraging material

Our Palm Oil Pledge

We are concerned with the social and environmental impacts of palm oil production in tropical rainforest ecosystems around the world. To show our support for the protection of rainforests, communities and our global climate, we’re proud to report that all 365 by Whole Foods Market brand food items containing palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm fruit oil and palm shortening are produced using sustainable oil products.

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