Regional, National and Global Giving

Team members loading food donation van

In addition to our local community giving program, Whole Foods Market provides leadership and resources to regional and national initiatives that relate to our mission, core values and industry. Through this program, we support larger-scale current and emerging needs in the U.S., Canada and UK. Priorities include food security, food waste and sustainability.

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Nourishing Our Neighborhoods

In August 2020, Whole Foods Market invested in community food security by expanding our sponsorship of food recovery organizations in 18 markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. This commitment funded the purchase of 19 new refrigerated vehicles to help address the common challenges of food transport and redistribution. These vehicles, plus two upcycled Whole Foods Market catering vans, support community-based food redistribution programs, including food runners, food banks, rescue missions and more. These nonprofits recover food from Whole Foods Market and other stores regularly and transport it to local nonprofits, where it is immediately shared with people in need.

How Nourishing Our Neighborhoods Works

How Nourishing Our Neighborhoods makes a difference:

  • 20,000 pounds of food per week recovered (per vehicle) from various sources, including Whole Foods Market

  • 21,840,000 pounds of food per year diverted from landfills

  • 182,000,000 meals shared over 10 years

Recipient organizations:

In response to significant food security needs in every community we serve, all Whole Foods Market regions participate in the Nourishing Our Neighborhoods program. Through their demonstrated ability to sustain operation of the vans and a commitment to regular impact reporting, we continue to grow our relationship with food rescue organizations across the U.S. and Canada.

If your organization is interested in participating in the Whole Foods Market Grocery Rescue Program, please contact our friends at Food Donation Connection opens in a new tab to learn more.

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