Healthy Dinner Recipes

Dinner is often the largest meal of the day, but that doesn’t mean you need to ignore health in favor of flavor. These healthy dinner recipes are full of good-for-you ingredients like whole grains, power-packed beans and lentils, and plenty of vegetables. With spices, international flavors, and herbs, a healthy dinner is anything but boring.

Healthy doesn’t necessarily mean giving up meat, either. Omnivore options abound, with spices or acidity and herbs providing the flavor, instead of fats. Choose lean meats when cooking and you’re halfway there!

Our healthy vegetarian recipes will make you not even think about meat, thanks to the inventive combinations of ingredients. Take a cue from world cuisines and go for recipes that evoke the tastes of India, the Mediterranean, or Mexico. By using meaty mushrooms, hearty beans, or alternative grains, you’ll be exploring a wider variety of foods to help you create a healthy recipe plan for the entire day.

Round out your dinner entrée with our healthy sides!

Cajun Beef Skillet Supper
Recipe Rating: 3.95932
Spicy Vegetable and Potato Curry
Recipe Rating: 3.84225
Curried Turkey and Rice Casserole
Recipe Rating: 3.25507
Mediterranean Veggie Burgers
Recipe Rating: 3.29888
Broccoli Tabbouleh
Recipe Rating: 3.42271
Rustic Bean Stew
Recipe Rating: 3.46383
Mushroom Stroganoff
Recipe Rating: 3.17362