The Next Big Things: Our Top 5 Beauty Trends for 2022

Our predictions for the hottest ingredients and product trends in beauty and self-care that will clean up your routine in 2022.

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Whether tapping into Mother Nature, leveraging unexpected ingredients or developing products using compounds in our own skin, self-care in 2022 is about doing more with less. Our beauty experts — stewards of our standards that keep our beauty clean — dug into the best of what’s next in beauty to identify our top five trends for the coming year.

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collection of beauty products with Ceramides

Say Hi to Ceramides

Ceramides are naturally occurring fatty acids in our skin — aka lipids — that hold outer-layer skin cells firmly together. Ceramides are kind of like the point guards of this layer, distributing key fluids and nutrients that help support skin moisturization and elasticity. They’re popping up in products from industry-leading brands like ACURE, which uses a vegetable-derived lipid concentrate. Try these products out and discover how these hardworking lipids can add to your look.

Try the Trend: ACURE Ultra Hydrating Plant Ceramide Daily Facial Lotion; Undefined Beauty R&R Gel-Crème; cocokind Ceramide Barrier Serum (launching in summer 2022); Andalou Deep Hydration Revitalizing Sleeping Mask; DERMA E: Ultra Hydrating Antioxidant Day Cream, Ultra Hydrating Advanced Repair Night Cream

beauty products with prickly pear

A Pop of Prickly Pear

After years of making a succulent splash in food and drink, cacti — specifically the fruit of the prickly pear — are storming onto the beauty scene. Prickly pear fruit contains amino acids as well as vitamins E and K, which help enhance the appearance of glowing skin. Look out for oils, serums and masks that make the most of its fruit-scented, skin-moisturizing properties.

Try the Trend: Karuna: Cleansing Oil, Sleeping Mask, Drench Sheet Mask; evanhealy: Organic Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir, Organic Blue Cactus Cooling Balm, Organic Blue Cactus Beauty Balm; ACURE Ultra Hydrating Electrolyte Facial Moisturizer

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Sun Protection Goes Incognito

When you want to embrace the sun face first, you don’t have to limit your sun protection options to just thick, white pastes. Skincare brands are rising to the occasion with sunscreens that ditch the white cast in favor of translucent non-nano zinc that leaves far less visible residue. Plus, our Quality Standards ban tons of common sunscreen ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate — so you can feel better about your go-to sunscreen.

Try the Trend: Undefined Beauty R&R Sun Serum; cocokind Daily Facial Sunscreen Lotion SPF 32; Mad Hippie Hydrating Facial SPF 25+; DERMA E Vitamin C Weightless Moisturizer SPF 45; ACURE Radically Rejuvenating Day Cream SPF 30

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Style and Snooze

Haircare brands are helping us reclaim our time, with new products that work ultra-efficiently to help us achieve our hair goals. Specifically, there’s a new crop of treatments and styling accessories designed to be used overnight. Apply them before bed to maintain style and texture and watch your literal haircare dreams come true as they work while you snooze. Keep an eye out for sleep caps, scrunchies, leave-in conditioners and masques that bring natural textures to life.

Try The Trend: Kitsch: Satin Sleep Cap, Sleep Scrunchies; Camille Rose Honey Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner; 365 by Whole Foods Market Coconut Leave-In Conditioner; Alaffia Beautiful Curls Enhance Leave-in Conditioner

oil-free skin care products


The trendiest texture of 2022 lies somewhere between a gel and a cream. That’s right, skin-loving jellies are in, with top brands enhancing ingredients and revamping formulas. These water-based products moisturize without the mess that comes with extra oil. Get ready to play with fun ingredients like acids, active botanicals or vitamins suspended in the products’ jiggly textures.

Try the Trend: 365 by Whole Foods Market: Clarifying Seaweed, Nourishing Spirulina, Revitalizing Pomegranate Jelly Masks; cocokind AHA Jelly Cleanser (launching in summer 2022); Mad Hippie Jelly Cleanser; Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful Dream Jelly Face Wash; ACURE Seriously Soothing Jelly Milk Makeup Remover

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