Unexpected Thanksgiving Menu

Do you food love adventures, relish trying new flavors and eschew tradition? Then this menu is right up your alley with non-traditional recipes and ideas for your Thanksgiving feast. We’re thinking spicy Cornish hens instead of turkey; sweet potato salad instead of marshmallow sweet potatoes; green beans with fresh mint instead of casserole; and a gingery pineapple instead of pie. You’re getting the idea. Get ready for a fresh take on tradition and what might be your best Thanksgiving yet!

Szechuan-style Cornish Hens
Recipe Rating: 2.85347
Roasted Sweet Potato Salad
Recipe Rating: 2.96345
Seeded Coconut Crackers
Recipe Rating: 3.41819
Green Beans with Mint and Satsumas
Recipe Rating: 3.32588
Mandarin-Glazed Carrots
Recipe Rating: 3.47171