Our Commitment to Worker Welfare

Learn about how we advocate for the rights, well-being and dignity of workers in our supply chain.

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We believe in supply chain transparency, fair trade and workers’ rights in the products that we buy and sell. From farm to warehouse to store, we take human rights and labor concerns within our supply chain seriously. Learn more about our requirements and expectations for our suppliers, plus what we’re actively doing to support the welfare, security, health and dignity of workers, their communities and the environment.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct

On January 1, 2020, we formally introduced our Supplier Code of Conduct, which formalizes our strong commitment to respecting human rights, the environment and the fundamental dignity of workers. Our products and services must be produced in a way that meets these standards, which are derived from:

When interpreting these policies, we follow ILO guidance materials and definitions. We do not tolerate child labor, human trafficking, slavery or work that endangers the well-being of workers or harms the environment. If our suppliers do not meet our requirements and expectations, we will no longer do business with them.

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Traceable from Source to Store

Supply chain transparency is one of the many ways we work to ensure that our customers feel good about what they’re putting in their baskets. We work to know what is happening in our supply chain and share this knowledge with our team members and customers.

We have traceability programs in place to track 365 by Whole Foods Market brand products back to the manufacturer or farm of origin, and we require fair and safe working conditions for the men and women who grow the food we sell — both inside and outside the U.S. We also have traceability programs for our Meat and Seafood departments, eggs in our dairy cases, canned tuna and more.

Our Sourced for Good Program

Created by Whole Foods Market, our Sourced for Good program helps support workers, communities and environmental stewardship where our products are sourced. Our program relies on internationally recognized third parties to verify social practices, environmental practices and/or working conditions. Those third parties include Fair Trade USA opens in a new tab, Rainforest Alliance opens in a new tab, Fairtrade America opens in a new tab, the Fair Food Program opens in a new tab, the Equitable Food Initiative opens in a new tab and Regenerative Organic Certified opens in a new tab.

The simple purchase of a Sourced for Good product can help do great things:

  • Support tangible improvements in farmworkers’ lives, like worker wages and welfare

  • Help to strengthen worker communities where products are sourced

  • Promote environmental stewardship where crops are grown

Some Sourced for Good purchases even help fund community projects such as schools and health clinics, which are determined by the workers themselves.

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