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Fresh Christmas Trees

Availability varies by store. Contact your store for Christmas Tree availability in your area.

As we head into the full swing of the holidays, many of our stores* will be selling Fraser Fir trees. These tree comes from family operated Bottomley Evergreens & Farms. Here are some of the reasons why we bring these trees to you:

  • Our trees are fresh from the Blue Ridge Mountain, grown by family-owned and operated Bottomley Evergreens & Farms.

  • With a dark green color, aromatic smell, needle retention, shape and fullness, Fraser Firs hold decorations beautifully.

  • A well-cared-for tree should remain fresh at least three to four weeks!

  • For every tree cut down, Bottomley plants two more trees the following year.

* Bottomley trees are available in stores in our Mid-Atlantic, Rocky Mountain, Southwest, South, Northeast and North Atlantic regions. Our Midwest and Florida region stores will have small "table top" trees.

Happy holidays...and don't forget to recycle your tree!

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