Fresh Christmas Trees

Many of our stores offer Christmas trees during the holiday season. Find out how to buy yours, plus get tips for enjoying your tree at home.

Full, fresh and fragrant Christmas trees are waiting for you at many Whole Foods Market stores this holiday season. Selection and availability varies by store, so be sure to contact your nearest location before you shop — or just drop by.

How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Green

Of course, a fresh Christmas tree requires some care to make sure it stays fresh and green through the season. Here are some tips for keeping your tree beautiful:

  • Give the tree a fresh cut: Remove at least ¼" of trunk and put it in a large bucket outdoors to get its first big drink. The tree can drink upwards of a gallon of water in this first day. You can use this time to inspect the lights for worn cords or loose connections; cover the floor to protect it from water and the tree’s natural resins; assemble your decorations.

  • Choose a stand to fit your tree: Whittling down the outer bark will reduce the tree’s ability to drink water so choose a stand large enough for the trunk to pass through the upper ring.

  • Locate the tree away from heat sources: This includes heaters, fireplaces, heat vents and direct sunlight.

  • There's no need to add anything to the water: Fresh water is the key to keeping the tree hydrated and retaining its needles.

  • Check the water daily, especially if you have pets: If your pet enjoys sneaking sips from the tree’s water bowl, you’ll need to be extra sure to keep it topped off. If the tree accidentally runs out of water, it may dry out and shed its needles. The only way to get it to start drinking again is to give it a fresh cut.

Happy holidays — and don’t forget to recycle your tree!

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