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Deliciously Spooky Treats for a Halloween Party

Halloween is a fun time to dress up and cavort with ghosts and goblins – and also to collect yummy treats, but you can feel pretty ghastly after too many pieces of candy. That’s why our favorite deliciously spooky Halloween treats include some feel-good elements, too. Scare-up fresh fruit, nuts and seeds and whole grains (I’m looking at you, popcorn!) for a frighteningly balanced holiday spread.

Though costume creation is a little beyond my comfort zone, creepy snacks are not. Frankly, my favorite part of Halloween is that I have permission to get a little ghoulishly creative in the kitchen. Here are some delicious ideas for spooky Halloween treats that set the mood.


  • Mash fresh raspberries and spoon them into ice cube trays along with a splash of ginger ale for gross blood-and-guts ice cubes that turns drinks red as they melt.
  • Brownie bites become googly-eye spiders with the addition of chocolate chips and slivered dried apricots.
  • Cut string cheese sticks into finger-length logs and cut lines for knuckles, then add an oval of green pepper or green olive for finger nails. Arrange “severed fingers” on a platter for the creepiest presentation.
  • Speaking of string cheese, pull the cheese into strips and melt on whole grain English muffins, toast or crackers then add olive eyeballs for a mummified snack.
  • Jab a mini marshmallow on each end of a pretzel stick then dip the whole thing in melted white chocolate to create a bone. Continue making bones in different configurations for a scary pile.


  • Use nuts and seeds to create monster faces on cookies or white chocolate-dipped fruit.
  • Cut peeled bananas in half and use large and mini chocolate chips to make eyes and a mouth for a ghostly treat.
  • Peel clementines (but don’t separate) and stick a little piece of celery in the top for a fully edible mini pumpkin.
  • Cut a red apple into thin wedges, then spread a layer of peanut or almond butter on one side of each wedge. Put mini marshmallows, squares of celery, halved grapes or slivered almonds in between the apple wedges to create fearsome teeth-baring mouths.
  • And, this isn’t creepy, but don’t forget to roast the pumpkin seeds from your jack-o’-lantern!


What are your favorite tricks for making Halloween treats extra spooky? Share you party planning tips and snack suggestions in the comments section below.