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Cold Soups for Hot Days

By Megan Myers, July 14, 2012  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Megan Myers

I’m one of those people who love soup year-round. It’s not only easy to make, but amazingly customizable, ultra comforting and of course, the perfect thing to dip crusty bread into. So when summer’s temperatures start creeping up, it doesn’t stop me from whipping up a batch of soup – cold soup, that is! If you’ve never tried a cold soup before, you’re in for a treat. The most traditional cold soup, gazpacho, is made from the best that summer has to offer: juicy ripe tomatoes and crisp cucumbers. More than any salad, it’s summer in a bowl. Ready to get refreshed? Check out these recipes:


Do you have a favorite chilled soup? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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Kelly Tyler says ...
I made a chilled peach-tomato soup this year for friends. Very refreshing
07/18/2012 4:23:54 PM CDT
Thomas Braun says ...
I too love soup. And being Hungarian, we have several cold soups not known outside of Hungary and I would love to share them with you if you want. Just send me an email, leave an email address and I'll attach these wonderful cold soup recipes. I'm sure once you make them, you'll be delighted!
07/18/2012 5:32:35 PM CDT
marleen davis says ...
Hi. The only cold soup I like is Borscht (Beet Soup) with non-fat Greek Yogurt on top. At least this way, I get some protein and delicious flavor.
07/18/2012 7:15:20 PM CDT
Naturalmomma says ...
I am really into my shiitake miso soup made right in the vitamix. So easy to make and filling. I use the adzuki bean miso and the fresh shiitakes from Whole Foods. Delish
07/18/2012 7:20:15 PM CDT
Scott @ The Healthy Eating Guide says ...
While gazpacho is one of my favorite, I thought the watermelon gazpacho was a little sweet for my tastes. That said, I'm looking forward to trying these other recipes. Thanks for sharing!
07/18/2012 8:48:30 PM CDT
Linda Dolan says ...
Cold Avocado soup!
07/19/2012 12:13:23 AM CDT
Arlene Crandall says ...
My favorite is cold cherry soup which makes a great cool dessert. It is made using equal parts of pitted fresh cherries and cold water, plus a small amount of sugar or sweetener as desired. One heats the cherries and water with the sweetener for about five minutes. Allow to cool and refrigerate for at least three hours. I like to serve it in a tall glass with an iced tea spoon that has a built in straw. The soup can then be sipped and eaten as one prefers.
07/19/2012 7:24:58 AM CDT
Yonka says ...
I agree with Marleen as well as with Scott. There is nothing like cold Borscht. And a sweet soup made with fruit falls into a category of dessert rather than main course. In the part of Europe where I am from, Borscht is made of young beets and cucumbers with the addition of fresh, minced garlic and dill. The protein comes from hard boiled eggs, cut, added to every bowl. The beautiful, robust pink color comes from beets mixed with plain yogurt and cream. Real stuff, of course, relatively few Europeans recognize fat-free as food.
07/19/2012 7:51:35 AM CDT
Yvon Bedard says ...
You didn't mention cold vichysoise soup...
07/19/2012 8:47:47 AM CDT
Teri K says ...
Cold Borscht... using Kefir... very European
07/19/2012 7:42:58 PM CDT
Kris says ...
I just prepared a corn - tomato soup, with a splash or two of coconut milk, garlic, and some spicing that I'll characterize as Indian. Very satisfying!
08/03/2012 8:54:36 PM CDT
vlada says ...
I like grilled meat and fish, seasoned bread, but i like soups, fruity, out of veggies, meat, bones, more. the only place where i can find them, the way i like them, is at my home, thanks to my mom, largely. Is there some franchise out there, that i could get in contact with, to take this idea to belgrade, to serve myself and others with delicious soups from out of cup or a bowl, hot or cold, spicy or sweet, large or small, in all taste and colour variety, call me.
09/06/2014 7:09:54 PM CDT