Caring for Communities

Collaboration has always been at the heart of our business and we are always looking for opportunities to learn more about how we might best serve our customers and communities. Learn more about how you can request support from Whole Foods Market.

Our Community Giving Programs include:

5% Community Giving Days

Once per quarter, Whole Foods Market contributes 5% of the day's store sales to designated, community-based non-profit organizations with aligned missions and values. Together, we raise awareness about the cause, and provide WFM customers with an opportunity to contribute by shopping in our stores that day.

We collaborate with participating organizations to promote the partnership and generate sales on the day of the event. The participating organizations must have the capability to promote the event within their organizations and communities. On a 5% Day, selected organizations table in stores throughout the day to educate and interact withWhole Foods Market customers.

Bag Refund Donation Program

In many markets, customers who shop with their reusable bags have the option of receiving a 5 or 10 cent credit (amount varies by location) per bag or donating that credit to a selected non-profitorganization. Recipient organizations are typically designated on a quarterly basis and help promote the Bag Refund Donation Program within the local community.

In-Kind Donations

Whole Foods Market can provide in-kind donations in the form of Whole FoodsMarket gift cards, which community partners can use to support their programming or events.


Whole Foods Market has established 3 foundations that operate independently of our company. Please visit the foundations’ websites for more information about their giving priorities and application processes.

To apply for one of Whole Foods Market’s Community Giving Programs, please review our Eligibility Guidelines and then visit our Community Engagement Portal.