Halloween Recipes

There’s no need to scare up your Halloween treats — we’ve got all the best Halloween recipes right here! Perfect for your spooktacular soiree or just some pre-trick-or-treating snacks, these recipes are sure to delight ghosts and goblins of all ages. Our Halloween recipes are whimsical renditions of favorite spooks, from mummies to ghosts. They’re simple enough to make with your kids, too.

Spider Web Sugar Cookies

Create these perfectly creepy cookies for Halloween with a simple decorative icing trick.

Mummy Brownie Bites

Create a seriously spooky Halloween treat in minutes using just three ingredients! They will be gobbled up just as quickly.

Meringue Ghosts

Boo! Make these sweet and spooky ghosts as a light sweet treat or as a stunning cupcake topper for Halloween.

Halloween Googly-Eye and Spider Brownie Bites

Get tricked or treated with these rich brownie bites, decorated with honey-sweetened pumpkin and cream cheese frosting.

Hot Dog Sea Monsters

Before you head out for trick-or-treating, gobble up this quick hot dog and veggie supper, all wrapped up in a buttery crescent roll.

Lemony Sugar Cookie Monsters

To decorate these frightening monster cookies, we've opted for flavorful dried fruit and nuts.

Creepy Ginger Ale With Spooky Ice Cubes

Blood-red, raspberry ice cubes are fun for tricks and treats alike. As the ice cubes melt, the soda will turn red!

Mini Mummy Pizzas

Enjoy these English muffin pizzas, topped with greens and sweet peppers, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They also make the perfect snack while trick-or-treating.

No-Bake Halloween Cookies

Cut these chewy marshmallow and corn flake cookies into other Halloween shapes, too. Be sure to enjoy the cookie trimmings as a treat!

White Chocolate Ghosts

Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler over medium-low heat or in the microwave for about 1 minute to make these adorable ghosts.

Savory Pumpkin Hand Pies

Parmesan transforms pumpkin into a savory filling for these tasty, easy and adorable hand pies.