Ground Turkey Goodness

From burgers and meatloaf to meatballs and tacos, you can use lean ground turkey as you would other ground meats.

Turkey Sloppy Janes

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Lots of people are keeping their fat and calorie intake down by choosing plant proteins like legumes and soy along with lean meats like skinless chicken or turkey, and less red meat. If you love hamburger and want a good alternative, you may want to try ground turkey in your recipes. You can use it just as you would ground meat, like beef, lamb or pork. It’s surprisingly good, especially when combined with other flavorful ingredients. In addition to hamburgers, begin cooking with ground turkey in recipes like Veggie Packed Meatloaf with Quinoa opens in a new tab or Taco Salad opens in a new tab.

When substituting ground turkey for another form of ground meat, always use equal amounts unless otherwise stated in a recipe. Ground turkey can be flavored with the same seasonings, herbs and spices used for ground red meat. Remember, ground turkey breast is very lean, so you may need to add extra fat or moisture (in the form of eggs, sauces or shredded fruits and veggies) and make sure you don’t over cook it. Sloppy Turkey Janes opens in a new tab and Mini Turkey Meatloaf and Maple Green Beans opens in a new tab are good examples of adding extra moisture. Ground turkey thigh meat is a bit fattier making it more forgiving, so we usually like to mix the two.

Mini Turkey Meatloaf and Maple Green Beans

Swapping ground turkey for ground beef, pork or lamb, can save quite a bit of fat and calories, and there is no need to compromise on flavor. Here are some delicious ways to use ground turkey:

Need more cooked ground turkey ideas? Make tacos, put it on pizza, add it to a shepherd’s pie or sprinkle it on leafy green salads or grain salads.
Do you cook with ground turkey and have a good recipe? I’d love to hear it.

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