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Meal Prep

Planning a week of meals? Set yourself up for success by organizing your fridge and making the most of the ingredients in your kitchen. Find prep tips, recipe ideas, meal plans, ingredient guides and more.

Image of pasta on a dinner table with wine

9 Ways to Make Meal Planning Easier

We’re here to help with plenty of ideas, recipes and pointers to streamline your effort and get ahead in the kitchen.

14 Easy Ways to Use Up Greek Yogurt

Leftover Greek yogurt? Check out our ideas and easy recipes that showcase the tangy, creamy kitchen staple.

Stocking Up? Here’s How to Organize Your Refrigerator

Our illustrated guide shows you where to store fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and more in your fridge so they last longer.

How to Store Fresh Produce So It Lasts Longer

To help you enjoy our produce for as long as possible, we’ve chosen popular fruits and vegetables and offered up my best storing tips.

Food Guides

Want to learn how to cut a mango? Need to use up those cans of beans you've stockpiled? We've got you covered.

4 Easy Ways to Reinvent Our Rotisserie Chicken

Hint: Hit the Produce department.

Overhead shot of bowl with Spicy Shiitake Pho recipe, with a side of limes, cilantro and jalapeño.

Weekly Meal Plans

Breakfast, dinner, lunch and snacks — these easy meal plans help you stay on track.

5 Weeknight Dinner Hacks to Save Your Week

Since it’s nice to gather around the dinner table together, here are five ways to get a delicious meal on the table faster.

plated meals dinner

The 10 Best Tricks to Make Weekly Meal Prep a Breeze

A little planning can go a long way to make it much easier to prep delicious meals from scratch — yes, even on a busy weeknight.