14 Easy Ways to Use Up Greek Yogurt

Leftover Greek yogurt? Check out our ideas and easy recipes that showcase the tangy, creamy kitchen staple.

Greek yogurt is big in my house. We keep two tubs of plain in the fridge so we won’t run out. There’s just so much you can do with it…and it tastes so good! With a drizzle of maple syrup and some nuts it’s a quick and easy breakfast for my young son; my husband makes it his mid-day snack with a dollop of almond butter and chopped fresh fruit, and I love it mixed with honey as a nighttime sweet.

Since Greek varieties are strained to remove the whey (the watery part of the milk that remains after it’s been cultured), it leaves the yogurt thick and decadently creamy, making it useful in all kinds of ways in the kitchen. Try these simple yet delicious ideas to use your Greek yogurt, along with some recipes to inspire you.

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