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Celebrating Cherries

We love celebrating cherries, especially when they’re at their seasonal sweetest. You too can join in on the cheery cherry festivities with our favorite tips and recipes.

How do you pick the best cherries? Here are some tips that we like to follow when we choose them for you:

  • Check the stems: fresh cherries have green stems
  • Give them a feel: cherries should be firm, no soft spots or bruising
  • Look for good color: depending on variety, ideally they should be deep, bright red to mahogany
  • Give them the once over: fruit should be free of insect damage and pitting (little indentations caused by dehydration)
  • Give them a taste: be sure the amount of sugar in the fruit is high

If you love cherries and just can’t get enough, check out these fun recipes that play with fresh cherries in new ways.

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Cherry Syrup

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Cherry Breakfast Quinoa

Smoky Cherry Compote

Mixed Lettuces with Spiced Cherry Vinaigrette

Chicken Cutlets with Cherry Pan Sauce

Cherry Frozen Yogurt

Tiny Cherry Pies

Keep the cherry goodness going with all of our recipes featuring cherries.

What will you do with all your cherries?