7-Day Gluten-Free Meal Plan

From breakfast to dinner, we’ve planned a weekly menu of gluten-free meals to help make this eating style easier.

Gluten-free eating can be tricky to navigate, no matter what level of experience you have. On top of that, balancing a meal routine with a busy schedule can be downright stressful. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Our easy gluten-free meal plan with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will help you plan ahead and eat well all week long.

Gluten-Free Meal Plan Tips

Set yourself up for meal plan success with these helpful pointers.

  • Get organized. Take a look at the meals you’ll be cooking this week and take stock of ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Then make a grocery list for the items that you’ll need to buy.

  • Prep ahead. Maybe it’s baking up a batch of cookies on Sunday, chopping veggies for a soup or prepping breakfast the night before. The more you can do to get ahead, the easier the week will be on you.

  • Don’t cook everything. Avoid kitchen exhaustion by planning several easy meals or ready-to-eat dinners (like our frozen gluten-free pizzas) into your week.

How to Use Our Meal Plan

Ready to get started? Below, we’ve shared how our meal plan works to help you fit it into your routine.

  • This meal plan is designed to feed two adults. The majority of the recipes are also kid-friendly and can be doubled (or tripled) to feed a larger crowd.

  • Breakfasts are repeated throughout the week to fit into a busy schedule.

  • The majority of the dinner recipes make four servings, so you can set two servings aside for leftovers the next day. We’ve also mixed in some convenient options like frozen gluten-free pizza.

  • Snacks and desserts can be enjoyed during the day when it works best for you. In addition to easy recipes, we’ve also included some Whole Foods Market products we love.

Day 1: Sunday

Make Kale Waldorf Salad for tomorrow’s lunch and Egg White Omelet Bites for Monday and Tuesday’s breakfast. (We promise today’s extra kitchen time will pay off!)

Day 2: Monday

Snacks & Dessert

Day 3: Tuesday

Make Crunchy Spanish Chickpeas today to enjoy as a snack on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Additional snacks & dessert:

Day 4: Wednesday

Additional snacks and dessert:

Day 5: Thursday

Prep Curried Quinoa Salad for lunch tomorrow and Saturday.

Snacks & Dessert

Day 6: Friday

Additional snacks and treats:

Day 7: Saturday

Additional snacks and treats:

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