Check Out Our Top 10 Recipes of the Year

As 2016 winds down, we took a look at the top recipes our audience made this year. From drinks to dessert, vegetarian to seafood — there’s something for everyone!

What were your favorite dishes to cook and enjoy this year? Maybe meatless Monday or tacos on Tuesday became a tradition in your house. We took a look at our most popular recipes from 2016 and found several tasty themes. Easy weeknight dishes were king along with simple seafood meals. We can tell our audience craved refreshing drinks and looked to master spaghetti squash and black beans. Here are our top recipes of the year — determined by you!

spaghetti squash

1.    How to Cook Spaghetti Squash

Looking for a nutritious side dish or noodle substitution? This is it! Watch our how-to video opens in a new tab.

2.    Chai Almond Smoothie

Cocoa, spices and dates make this dairy-free smoothie an anytime winner.

3.    Southwestern Baked Tilapia

Pull a flavorful entree together in a flash.

4.    Banana Nice Cream

Just three ingredients between you and an amazing, no-added-sugar dessert.

5.    Fresh Cherry Limeade

A sweet, tart and refreshing way to enjoy summer cherries.

6.    Blueberry Muffin Smoothie

Two breakfast favorites in one filling, satisfying smoothie.

7.    Easy Baked Tofu

This recipe can be customized dozens of ways for a different take every time.

8.    Sweet Corn and Black Bean Salad

Simple, colorful and flavorful - this crowd pleaser is great for a gathering or a night in.

9.    Grilled Salmon and Lemons with Herbs

A simple and stunning side of salmon on the grill.

10. Sunny Citrus Smoothie

Grapefruit stars in this bright and tangy smoothie.

For even more recipe inspiration, check out our seasonal recipe collections opens in a new tab.

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