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Dash Carts

It’s a smart shopping cart that makes grocery shopping quicker by allowing you to scan products right into your cart as you shop and then skip the checkout line.

The cart uses a combination of scanners, scales and sensors to identify the items you put in the cart. When you exit the store through the Dash Cart exit lane, the cart senses that you're ready to complete your shopping trip. Once you’ve completed your purchase on the on-cart screen, payment is processed using the credit card associated to your Amazon account.

The cart has convenient features for grocery shopping, including an on-cart screen where you can access weekly sales and deals, and a live view of the receipt with a subtotal for products in the cart. Dash Cart is equipped with built-in scales to automatically detect weight.

Dash Cart shopping is available now in our Westford, Massachusetts store, with a few more locations to follow in the coming months. To see shopping amenities available at your nearest Whole Foods Market, visit your local store’s homepage .

Sign in with the In-Store Code in the Whole Foods Market or Amazon app. After that, you’ll just place items in the cart and start shopping.

For Dash Cart shopping trips, you can use your In-Store Code in the Whole Foods Market or Amazon app linked to a valid credit or debit card. If you would like to use cash, prepaid cards, Whole Foods Market gift cards, EBT or eWIC, then you can use the self-checkout or cashier-assisted lanes at the store.

You will receive an email receipt shortly after you check out. Receipts are available in the account section of the Whole Foods Market app, and you can also find your receipt in Amazon’s Your Orders by filtering on Local Store Orders.

There is no limit to what you can put in the Dash Cart as long as it fits. The Dash Cart should comfortably fit the equivalent of four grocery bags, enough for your weekly trip to the grocery store.

You can make a return by going to any Whole Foods Market location and presenting the barcode on your digital receipt to the Customer Service desk or by contacting Customer Care (844-936-8255 or wfm.com/help). Return policy details can be found here .

You need an Amazon account to use Dash Cart to sign in using the QR code. Prime membership is not required to use Dash Cart, but Prime members get exclusive deals and an extra 10% off select sale items, excluding alcohol. And as always, anyone can shop the store using a cashier-assisted or self-checkout lane — no Amazon account is required.

Yes, just like a regular cart, you can take Dash Cart outside of the store to conveniently unload your purchases. Please return the Dash Cart back to the Dash Cart corral.

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