The 8 Best Breakfasts to Make for Back-to-School

From dishes you can make ahead to fast meals you can make in a flash, these are our favorite healthful, fast and delicious breakfasts for busy mornings.

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Breakfast is often called the most important meal, but it’s also when you have the least time — especially when school is in session. So consider this your cheat sheet for fast, nutritious and tasty morning meals.

Make-Ahead Recipes

Enjoying a delicious better-for-you breakfast on a weekday is easier when you plan ahead. Here are a few palate- and schedule-pleasing favorites. 

Egg White Omlette Bites

Egg White Omelet Bites opens in a new tab

These high-protein treats are ideal for on-the-go breakfasts. You can assemble them in the muffin pan the night before and refrigerate, then bake in the morning.

Fruit and Hemp Museli

Fruit and Hemp Seed Muesli opens in a new tab

Serve cold or warm. Either way it’s loaded with satisfying textures and flavors.

easy granola bites

Easy Granola Bites opens in a new tab

Made with cranberry, oat and almond, these granola bites are just the thing for mornings when you need an energy boost fast. Make a batch Sunday for the week ahead.

Fast and Easy Recipes

You can rise and shine without much effort thanks to these recipes.

sunrise breakfast smoothie

Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie opens in a new tab

Imagine starting the day with a smoothie packed with fruit, veggies, yogurt and whole grains.

three ingredient banana pancakes

Three-Ingredient Banana Pancakes opens in a new tab

It’s breakfast in 3, 2, 1! Mashed banana + eggs + cinnamon = tender, rich grain-free pancakes.

mini sausage breakfast sandwiches

Mini Sausage Breakfast Sandwiches opens in a new tab

The kids can help assemble these mini sandwiches made with chicken sausage, organic whole wheat pancakes and fruit spread.

breakfast pita pocket

A Better Breakfast Pita Pocket opens in a new tab

Start your morning with vegetables — it’s simple and delicious!

open face apple tahini sandwiches

Open-Face Apple Tahini Sandwich opens in a new tab

Topped with apples, nut butter, tahini and a touch of cinnamon and honey, this toast will be requested by kids of all ages around your table.

Check out our back-to-school breakfast recipe collection opens in a new tab for more inspiration.

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