7 Essentials for Early Pregnancy from a New Mom-to-Be

Expectant mom and Team Member Melissa shares her favorite products for treating early-pregnancy symptoms.

When I found out that I was pregnant six months ago, it took some getting used to. Pregnancy changes all kinds of things for a person – great and small.

I found the first three or four months to be the most challenging to get through. With the physiological changes, the TIDAL WAVE of hormones, and all the big questions that suddenly arise – “I’m having a baby? I’m having a baby! How should I give birth? Where should I give birth? What will we name him or her? What should I be eating? Can I exercise? Wait, I’m really having a baby?” – there’s quite a bit of adjusting to do.

The thing that best helped me process all these changes was talking to everyone around me – especially those who had recently had a child or were further into their own pregnancies.

One of the bonuses of being pregnant is the multitude of people eager to share information and talk about the thrilling experience of having a child. I’ve learned so much and heard so many terrific stories about what to expect in the future, and I’ve developed wonderful friendships along the way.

In that spirit of sharing, here are some of my favorite early-pregnancy finds:

Ginger kombucha – This drink was my go-to remedy for a queasy stomach. I could sip as little as four ounces to ease my nausea. Some say that pregnant women should stay away from kombucha, so you should definitely check with your doctor first if you’re concerned.

Sprouted grain snacks – Keeping your blood sugar up during the day can help to alleviate nausea. Even before I was pregnant, I was a huge fan of Shiloh Farms Sea Salt Sprouted Grain Pretzels, and I found that nibbling them during the day kept my stomach issues at bay. Sprouted-grain crackers and breads are also good for snacking.

365 Everyday Value® Sparkling Italian Mineral Water – This was definitely a pregnancy score for me. The flavors are fabulous (lime and lemon raspberry are my two favorites). Not only did they settle my stomach, but they’re a fun beverage to have when everyone else is imbibing.

Try crushing a little mint and lemon in a champagne or cocktail glass, add three ounces of ginger kombucha or juice, and top off with flavored mineral water – a great way to liven up your evening!

Prenatal supplements – My doctor recommended prenatal supplements and I chose 365 Everyday Value® Prenatal Multi vitamins and Nordic Naturals DHA supplements to complement my diet. They provide the support I needed and they’re regulated by quality standards I trust.

Weleda Body Oils – Did you know everything you apply to your body is filtered through your skin?

I’m more conscious of that now than ever before, and I love Weleda because their ingredients are top notch. Weleda makes some luxurious body oils – I’m partial to their relaxing pomegranate and lavender scents.

A friend of mine swears by them for stretch marks and I can attest to the fact that they’ll leave your skin soft and fragrant.

Citrus essential oils – I found these were a great help for alleviating nausea in my first trimester, plus they’re a nice little pick-me-up if you’re feeling tired during the day. I usually put a few drops on a cotton ball and sniff or add some to a bath (which is also a pregnancy necessity for me!).

“Green” cleaning products – With all the cleaning and nesting instincts that have come with pregnancy, I’m happy to have plenty of non-toxic cleaning products to choose from.

Seventh Generation makes a great line of fragrance-free products in case you’re sensitive to smell, or you could just go the old-fashioned route with vinegar and baking soda. (This recent blog post on homemade cleaning solutions opens in a new tab might be helpful.)

Now it’s your turn. What got you through your first trimester and beyond? I’d love to hear about it!

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