Sandwich Secrets and a Wrap Rap

If you’re stuck in a sandwich rut try some of these combinations. In fact, they’re so delectable you might have to hide them from your coworkers. Consider them gourmet gone wild.

I begrudgingly admit that my husband is the best sandwich maker in the house. His secret? He spreads the hummus or mustard or mayo so that it’s perfectly even and goes right to the edge of the bread. He does it ever so slowly and carefully that it…drives me crazy! “Slap that sandwich together and get on with it!” I say. That is until I take a bite later at lunchtime. Every bite is full of flavor, not a millimeter of dry bread in sight. That’s when I send a text, thanking him for yet another delicious sandwich.

Since I leave the advanced sandwich making to my husband, I asked a couple of my coworkers to let me have a peek in their lunch bag and to tell me their secret to a great sandwich and the sandwich’s more snuggly cousin, the wrap.         

Sandwiches Worth Savoring

Here’s what Jennifer says is key to a phenomenal sandwich:


“My sandwiches are all about the condiments. I make sure to keep lots of unique ones on hand so I can dress up just about anything. I'm the girl with seven different kinds of mustard in my refrigerator, not to mention jars of pickles, a few different types of fruit preserves, herbed mayo, capers…I'm surprised the condiment shelves in my refrigerator door haven't fallen off! Today I started with a slice of toasted Seeduction bread, spread on a thin layer of spicy and sweet scotch bonnet tomato jam, added a Whole Catch™ salmon burger that I baked in the oven and topped it all off with slices of fresh cucumber and pickled red onions. I left it open faced because I didn't want to squish all that deliciousness down!”

If you’re stuck in a sandwich rut try some of these combinations. In fact, they’re so delectable you might have to hide them from your coworkers. Consider them gourmet gone wild.

  • mozzarella, roasted peppers and pesto on a ciabatta roll

  • ham, Swiss cheese, spinach and fig jam on sliced baguette

  • roast beef, tomato, arugula and horseradish mayonnaise on sourdough bread

  • herbed turkey breast, butter lettuce, bacon, tomato and avocado on whole wheat bread

  • spinach, hummus, red onion and roasted tomatoes on focaccia

  • chicken, romaine, tomato, shaved Parmesan and lemon mayonnaise on rye bread

Also, did you know that Wellshire brand lunch meats are 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rated opens in a new tab and of course they don’t contain any synthetic nitrates or nitrites. You won’t find Wellshire lunch meats anywhere else except at Whole Foods Market®.

Wraps: The Best Thing Since You-Know-What for Lunch

Rebecca’s wrap “routine” has me nodding my head in agreement and at her flow. But it looks like MC Floyd wants in on the action.


I like big lunches and I cannot lie. Light lunches make me cry. When I see a grilled chicken wrap with some tasty baby greens, avocado and some cheese — I get HUNGRY!

My lunch-fixing routine usually includes me rewording a rap by Sir Mix-a-Lot, MC Lyte, Q-Tip or Lady Sovereign — changing the words so the song is about my wrap. I like wraps, particularly with whole grain lavash, almost as much as I like Rap music. Most days of the week I wrap dinner leftovers into a delicious lunch. I find that remixing my dinners for lunch helps me cut down on food waste and keeps my food budget on track. Plus, when leftovers are in a wrap it's like a whole new meal.

This morning I had some leftover grilled chicken, a half an avocado, some yellow bell peppers and tomato, baby chard, salsa and extra sharp Cabot cheddar cheese opens in a new tab. First, I mashed the avocado and spread it on the lavash. Then, I layered on the veggies (saving some bell pepper strips for munching on the side) and the chicken, then I drizzled a bit of salsa on the stack, adding a squeeze of lime and some shredded extra sharp Cabot cheddar before I wrapped it all up. Then I washed a few strawberries for dessert and my lunch was complete. I pack my lunch for work in a little reusable cooler, but always unpack it onto a real plate to eat it. It feels more civilized and relaxed that way — even if I'm eating at my desk. I also keep a reserve snack for that 3pm slump; usually spicy pumpkin seeds or some Enjoy Life opens in a new tab trail mix. Big lunches and a 3pm snack are the secret to staying productive in the afternoons.”


Here are a few more tasty ways to wrap up lunch:

  • hummus, cucumber, tomato, Greek olives and spinach on whole wheat flatbread

  • sliced chicken, provolone, roasted red peppers, romaine and lemon mayonnaise on a spinach tortilla or lavash

  • roast beef, cheddar, tomato, butter lettuce and Dijon mustard on a flour tortilla

Still hungry for ideas? Try these:



And here are five ways to save some of your lunch money:

  1. More! Load on the veggies. See more green (and yellow and red) when you pile on leaf lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and beets.

  2. Less! Go easy on the cheese by choosing types with big flavor, such as feta. Reduce quantity without reducing taste. We are happy to cut just what you need at the counter.

  3. Leftover magic. Use yesterday’s salad, crudité, grilled meats, fish or veggies in a wrap.

  4. Signature sandwich. Create your new favorite sandwich with the chutney, pesto or BBQ sauce already on hand. Or try 365 Everyday Value® condiments — excellent prices and excellent selection, including organics!

  5. Use it, don’t lose it! Use bread you already have. Grill or toast pita, pizza dough, tortillas, English muffins or naan. 

I’d love to hear your sandwich secrets or a rap about your wrap. Share them in the comments below.

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