How to Build Full Flavor, Naturally

Without relying on salt, sugar and fat


Mix spices and herbs with fresh citrus juice, vinegar or wine. Coat food thoroughly and refrigerate for an hour before cooking.


Add creaminess with purées

  • Unsweetened applesauce, pumpkin purée or squash purée can sub for oil, eggs or sugar in some recipes for baked goods
  • Silken tofu purée stands in for dairy in dressings and dips
  • Soaked and puréed cashews add richness to soups and sauces


Get your pan sizzling hot before adding chopped onions and other vegetables. When they begin to stick, stir in a splash of water or reduced-sodium broth.


Balance it all with brightness

Instead of adding salt to elevate flavors, finish with:

  • A splash of vinegar
  • A squeeze of citrus juice
  • A handful of chopped herbs

Engage the senses with herbs and spices

  • Garlic adds rich, savory flavor
  • Aromatic herbs help build your flavor foundation
  • Chiles and chile powder stimulate the palate
  • Cinnamon heightens sweet flavors

Natural Flavor Enhancers


  • Stocks and broths
  • Fresh or dried herbs
  • Wines
  • Vinegars
  • Ginger, garlic and onions


  • Dried and fresh chili peppers
  • Mustard
  • Curry
  • Spices like cumin, cardamom, and coriander
  • Peppercorns
  • Horseradish and wasabi


  • Fresh and dried fruits
  • Fruit juice
  • 100% fruit pastes, single strength concentrates and purees (like applesauce)
  • Coconut water