4 Ways to a Healthier You

It’s easy to build healthy eating habits when you focus on these four simple principles.

Focus on whole foods.

In general, fresh and minimally processed foods retain more nutrients than processed foods.

Heathy Eating Tips:

  • You'll typically find the least processed foods around the perimeter of the store. Start your shopping in the produce department.
  • Watch our Healthy Pantry Makeover and stock your kitchen with wholesome ingredients.

Fill your plate with plants.

Eat a rainbow of different-colored plants—including whole grains and beans—to provide your body with a wide variety of nutrients.

Healthy Eating Tips:

  • For delicious sources of plant-based protein, look to beans and legumes.
  • Check out our whole grains guide for cooking times and tips on how to incorporate fiber-filled whole grains into breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Consider calorie density.

In general, foods with lower calories per weight—such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains—have a higher concentration of nutrients per calorie.

Healthy Eating Tips:

  • Look for the Health Starts Here® logo on our salad bar, hot bar and prepared foods case. These items are made with no more than 35% of calories from added sugars and no more than 35% of calories from added fat.
  • Check out healthy ways to build flavor without relying on sugar and fat.

Choose healthy fats.

Get satisfaction from smart portions of whole food sources such as nuts, coconuts, seeds and avocados.

Healthy Eating Tips: