Healthy Recipes

Need to pull together a healthy meal in no time? No worries! Find fresh healthy recipe ideas for every meal in this collection of how-to videos, plus pick up healthy cooking tips and shortcuts while you watch. Want more delicious ideas? Browse all our recipes.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Get-Your-Greens Smoothies
Who knew it could be so easy to incorporate greens into your morning routine? Try this smoothie or experiment with your favorite combination of greens and fruit.

Apple Oatmeal In A Jar
Make a big batch of these oatmeal jars on Sunday night to have portable breakfasts for the whole week. Simply combine oats and spices, stir in applesauce, spoon in jars and top with water. Refrigerate the oatmeal overnight and enjoy in the morning. It’s filling and delicious!


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Healthy Lunch Recipes

Sweet Potatoes With Greens and Beans
Tiny adzuki beans add protein and fiber to this satisfying, all-in-one dish. Simple to prepare, it helps to bake the sweet potatoes while you prep and cook everything else. The result is a meal that’s full of flavor and packed with nutrients.

Tangerine-Roasted Tuna
Serve this one-pan dish over cooked brown rice for a quick and easy meal. Citrus and green olives give this dish bright Mediterranean flavors.


Spinach Salad with Adzuki Beans and Satsuma Vinaigrette
Feel free to use satsumas, mandarins or your favorite citrus in this salad. If you're brown bagging it, pack the ingredients separately and toss together before eating.

Tangy Bean Salad with Carrots and
Green Onions

Flavorful and full of fiber, this dish is great on the go. Make it heartier by filling whole-grain pita halves with the salad and topping with shredded lettuce.


White Bean and Spinach Salad
This bold-flavored salad is surprisingly substantial thanks to protein- and fiber-filled beans.

Southwest Veggie Burgers
Serve these veggie burgers on whole-grain buns topped with your favorite condiments. Bonus: They can be made ahead and frozen (and cooked straight from the freezer).


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Healthy Dinner Recipes

Healthy Turkey Meatloaf
Serve up a comfort-food favorite with a healthy twist. At only 170 calories per serving, this satisfying meatloaf serves up lean ground turkey, chia seeds, quinoa and baby spinach. This mixture can also make up to 30 meatballs.

Oven-Roasted Tofu
Slow roasting tofu makes it delightfully rich and gives it a firm but tender texture. Combine tofu, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard and herbs and bake. Serve hot or warm with your favorite dipping sauce, or cool and add to salads and sandwiches.


Mushroom Stroganoff
A dairy-free take on a comfort food classic, this recipe substitutes a cashew cream for Stroganoff’s traditional dairy ingredients. Use firm, flavorful mushrooms like cremini, Portobello, shiitake and oyster, then mix them with cashew cream for an excellent main course. Try serving over cooked barley.

Roasted Fish and Veggies
This easy, colorful dish is roasted on a parchment-paper-lined pan to avoid the need for added oil. The finished dish is garnished with cilantro and pine nuts, but a combination of basil and almonds or walnuts and parsley would be delicious as well. Scoop atop a pile of fluffy quinoa for a complete meal. 


Soba Noodles with Roasted Shrimp and Sweet Potatoes
This healthy veggie-packed dinner features quick-roasted shrimp tossed with whole grain noodles and a creamy tahini sauce. Swap the shrimp for garbanzo beans for an easy vegan version.

Avocado Salmon Salad with Kale
Make a creamy dressing using just avocado and lemon for this outstanding kale salad. Baking the salmon for the recipe is easy, but you can also use leftover grilled or poached salmon.


Quinoa with Balsamic Roasted Mushrooms
Mushrooms roasted in a simple oil-free pear-balsamic dressing are delicious tossed with quinoa, spinach, green onions and almonds.

Tempeh Curry with Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans
Tempeh absorbs the rich spices and coconut milk beautifully in this flavorful curry.


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Healthy Sides & Salad Recipes

Pineapple-Ginger Rice with Edamame
Great as side served alongside steamed fish or roasted chicken, this hearty, flavorful dish also works as a vegetarian main course.

Broccoli with Chile-Almond Dressing
A highly flavorful dressing of almond butter, ginger, garlic, dates and chile pepper makes a delicious accompaniment to broccoli and bean sprouts.


Creamy Sesame Greens
This simple side dish pairs your favorite greens with tahini, lemon juice and garlic.

Kale Waldorf Salad
This variation on the classic substitutes kale for lettuce and adds apple and walnuts to the dressing for a creamy consistency without the traditional mayo base.


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Healthy Snack Recipes

Black Bean Hummus
Serve this Mexican-inspired spread with raw veggies or tortilla chips for dipping, or spread it on sandwiches and wraps, too.

Hummus Veggie Pizza
Vegetables soaked in a rich hummus marinade and then grilled make a superb topping for these tortilla pizzas.


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