Eat Green

Want to bring a little bit o’ luck to your table? This time of year, green is literally popping up in the garden in the form of tender lettuces, sweet peas and the soldier-like asparagus standing tall.

Green foods are just what we need after a long, cold winter. Its freshness livens and invigorates the table. And who can resist the simple perfection of a pea?

Add some green to your meals with these emerald-hued recipes.


We Got the Beets

With their sweet, earthy flavor, beets are delicious steamed, roasted, boiled, pickled and raw. Salads, soups, sides and more — we’re highlighting a bevy of beet recipes.

What to Make This Week

Need help figuring out the age-old question of what to make for dinner? We can help! Here are seven recipes for inspired meal planning.

Fab Fish Fridays

Growing up in Wisconsin, fish Fridays were a big deal. The fish was almost always beer-battered lake perch, which no one seemed to mind, especially if it came with French fries and slaw!

These days, I look to fish Fridays as a way to stretch my cooking fins and try different preparations and varieties of fish, as well as make dinner a bit healthier than those fried meals of the past. Baked, broiled and even grilled fish all have special flavors that should be celebrated.


Our Five Favorite Spring Veggies

Winter is finally shaking itself off, and in its place are the beautiful spring vegetables that we’ve been looking forward to. Tender, sweet and practically perfect all on their own, spring vegetables shine with only a little preparation. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can resist dressing them up a little every now and then!

Try our five favorite spring veggies in their best preparations, from raw to roasted.


Making the Most of Your Mighty Parmigiano Reggiano

Whether it’s slicing, serving, storing or using in recipes, learn the many uses of the mighty, versatile Parmigiano Reggiano.

The Blush of Spring in Your Kitchen

Thinking pink when you cook means adding brightness to help bridge the gap from the long, grey winter into brighter skies and longer days ahead. Find perfectly pink inspiration in these recipes.

And the Award for Best Snacking…

Whether you’re rolling with a red carpet entourage or rocking your pajamas, this group of nibbles perfect for awards season will surely have you feeling fancy.

There's Something About Sherry...

Sherry, meanwhile, is a gentler vinegar, and a little more sophisticated and nuanced in its flavor profile. Because it’s so well rounded, I find it to be very versatile and compatible with many types of dishes and cuisines.

Lentils: The Perfect Quick Comfort Food

There’s a lot to love with lentils: low in fat, high in fiber and protein and they help get dinner on the table fast with tummy-pleasing results!


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