Our Favorite Cake Recipes

Who doesn’t get excited at the mere mention of cake? Cake means celebrations, friends and family. Cake guarantees a good time, whether you go for simple flavors or classic concoctions.

Cakes go beyond the standard birthday variety (though we love those too!) to incorporate fresh flavors from spices, fruits and extracts. Keeping the flavors simple allows for all variety of toppings, from homemade whipped cream to drizzly chocolate to fruity compotes.

Baking is a science, so when creating cakes be sure to follow the recipe carefully at least once before embarking on any tweaking. Adjustments to baking powder, variety of flour or swapping liquids can sometimes create a completely different cake.

Looking for gluten-free cake recipes? Almond meal, almond flour and cornmeal help create delicious cakes with a rich flavor and more toothsome texture. They’re especially great for pairing with fresh seasonal fruits or a scoop of ice cream. Or, try a tropical-inspired cake by embracing coconut or mango.

To take cake to breakfast, try one of our favorite coffee cake recipes, or serve up a dessert cake with one of these tasty cocktails and punches.

Cinnamon-Almond Olive Oil Cake
Recipe Rating: 3.53464
Gluten-Free Italian Cornmeal Cake
Recipe Rating: 3.39523
Mini Chocolate-Ricotta Cakes
Recipe Rating: 3.29219
Simple Yogurt Cake
Recipe Rating: 3.67769
Dark Chocolate Layer Cake
Recipe Rating: 3.19372
Vanilla Buttermilk Birthday Cake
Recipe Rating: 3.83508
Lemon Blueberry Cake
Recipe Rating: 3.51836
Oatmeal Cream Pie Cake
Recipe Rating: 3.1906
Coconut Crumb Cake
Recipe Rating: 3.10962
Recipe Rating: 3.30797