Tasty Halibut Recipes

Halibut is a great choice for anyone who is looking to add more fish to their diet. This meaty, firm fish is mild in flavor, making it suitable for a variety of recipes. Lightly sweet and flaky, it’s great for roasting, grilling, baking and more.

Fresh halibut is available from March to November, but can be found frozen year-round. As with any fresh fish, you should be prepared to use it the same day you buy it. Frozen fish can be thawed quickly under cool running water; do not use the microwave defrost function as it can cook the fish.

Halibut is a natural choice if you like to experiment with spices and global flavors like turmeric or tahini. Because the filets are firm, it works well for grilling, poaching or featuring in soups. Most seasonal vegetables will work with halibut, from radishes in the springtime to hearty greens in the winter.

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