These Hanukkah recipe ideas honor tradition while impressing with the creativity and fresh flavors of today that emphasize cooking with the best ingredients you can find. Start with beef brisket from cattle that are independently audited for animal welfare and raised without antibiotics and added hormones. Fantastic flavor is up front in our recipes for beet soup and for the brisket with an irresistible aroma and taste of mellow roasted garlic. Serve with latkes and your choice of three ways to prepare oven-roasted Brussels sprouts. Follow up with a pair of delightful desserts and dinner is done, deliciously!

Recipe Rating: 3.6166
Recipe Rating: 3.15612
Polish-Style Beet Soup
Recipe Rating: 3.919
Recipe Rating: 3.31276
Jam-Filled Coconut Donuts
Recipe Rating: 3.29538
Chocolate Gelt Buttons
Recipe Rating: 3.48691