Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Getting a good start in the morning helps ensure the rest of your day is properly fueled, which is why we love healthy breakfast recipes. By making time to eat a meal in the morning, you not only help cut down on impulsive snacking (hello office donuts) but also get enough energy to get you through to lunchtime.

Healthy breakfast recipes are anything but boring. You can start the day with a hearty oatmeal, made with traditional oats or an alternative grain like rye flakes, millet or amaranth. Or go for a healthy version of pancakes, made with whole wheat and plenty of fruit.

If you like breakfast to be more of the savory kind, we’ve got healthy recipes for breakfast tacos or a vegetable-filled frittata, both featuring tofu. Or, if you need a healthy breakfast on the go, grab one of our favorite smoothie recipes to sip during your commute.

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Fruit and Hemp Seed Muesli
Recipe Rating: 3.56533
Cocoa-Almond Baked Breakfast Quinoa
Recipe Rating: 2.84755
Creamy Almond Rye Flake Oatmeal
Recipe Rating: 3.64657
Chocolate-Almond Banana Smoothie
Recipe Rating: 3.62608
Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes
Recipe Rating: 3.06788
Tofu Breakfast Tacos
Recipe Rating: 3.69597
Flax and Honey Banana Bread
Recipe Rating: 3.1199
Recipe Rating: 3.13983
Creamy Spiced Pear Hot Cereal
Recipe Rating: 2.94428
Berry Oatmeal in a Jar
Recipe Rating: 3.54978