10 Lovely Lentil Recipes

The humble lentil is actually a nutritional powerhouse, serving up lots of protein, fiber, and vitamins and minerals in each cup. Our easy lentil recipes show just how versatile this little pulse can be, from salad recipes to lentil soup recipes and more. Lentils also are affordable and filling, making them a great option for those on a budget.

With flavors influenced by India, Morocco and Turkey (just to name a few), these lentil recipes make use of bold spices for a mouthwatering meal. And if your taste buds are all-American at heart, you’re covered, too, with easy meatless swaps for classic dishes.

Love soups? Our lentil soup recipes use the classic red lentil in soups and stews, but brown and green lentils are just as delicious for a hearty meal.

Ready to embrace the lentil? Pair our lentil recipes with hot drinks for cold weather and make for a cozy night.