Our Best Pumpkin Recipes

We know we’re not the only ones who get wildly excited when pumpkin season rolls around. (Though truth be told, we enjoy pumpkin all year thanks to canned purée.) After all, what other ingredient has been so embraced that we’ve been able to put it into everything we eat, including snacks for our pups?

Pumpkin recipes run the gamut from sweet to savory, breakfast to dinner to dessert. Its mildly sweet and almost nutty flavor paired with its creamy texture means it's great with virtually everything.

When it comes to baked goods, pumpkin helps keep things moist without adding extra fat. Mixed with the familiar combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, the classic pumpkin-spice combo comes to life.

Pumpkin also works well with savory recipes. You can use fresh pumpkin like butternut squash, or stir puréed pumpkin into soups, creamy rice dishes or even mix with cheese for an unexpected dip. For pumpkin, the possibilities are truly endless!

Pair pumpkin dishes with our favorite recipes for cooking and baking with beer and cider for the flavors of fall.

Sweet Pumpkin Hand Pies
Recipe Rating: 3.28231
Pumpkin Hummus
Recipe Rating: 3.31236
Vegan Pumpkin Bread
Recipe Rating: 3.50472
Turkey Pumpkin Chili
Recipe Rating: 3.8491
Pumpkin Chile Con Queso
Recipe Rating: 2.80761
Pumpkin Pecan Cookies
Recipe Rating: 3.41851
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
Recipe Rating: 3.31912
Creamy Pumpkin Brown Rice
Recipe Rating: 3.2726
Spiced Pumpkin Dog Treats
Recipe Rating: 3.20249
Pumpkin Spice Pancakes
Recipe Rating: 3.18544
Pumpkin-Blue Cheese Biscuits
Recipe Rating: 3.62622