Ravishing Raspberry Recipes

Sweet and tart raspberries are more than just a supreme snacking fruit. These delicate berries are wonderful when used in a variety of dishes, including savory recipes.

While raspberries come in a variety of colors, including black and yellow, you typically will only see the American red variety in stores. Raspberries do not ripen after being picked, so be sure to choose berries that are vibrant in color and firm.

Wash raspberries only just before eating or using in recipes to avoid spoilage, and if you can, store them in a single layer to avoid crushing.

Raspberries are a natural pair for nuts such as walnuts, almonds and cashews, and of course are wonderful with chocolate. Raspberries also bring out the natural flavor of pork, and are a great option for making fruity sauces for breakfasts and desserts.

A perfect addition to healthy breakfast recipes, the raspberry is a versatile little fruit. Get even more inspiration with our favorite berries and cherries recipes.

Raspberry Ice Cream
Recipe Rating: 3.56296
Pork Medallions with Raspberry Sauce
Recipe Rating: 3.42244
Pineapple Raspberry Freeze
Recipe Rating: 3.5091
Raspberry-Almond Crumble
Recipe Rating: 3.60819
Raspberry Vegan Cheesecake Bites
Recipe Rating: 3.59697
Raspberry Mousse
Recipe Rating: 3.61293
Sparkling Spiced Raspberry Cocktails
Recipe Rating: 3.71253
Chocolate-Raspberry Cupcakes
Recipe Rating: 3.61869